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Rapid Tooling & Prototyping

Advanced technology without the people and processes to make it efficient and quick, is of no benefit. Before or in conjunction with the addition of leading-edge technologies like Rapid Tooling, a successful company will work on its business and production flow. If high-speed machining is available, but the backlog in polishing is extreme, the only result is creating more work in progress faster. Without overall efficiency, the buyer may not see a reduction in the delivery time and will not consider the service to be rapid. For all these reasons we use rapid tooling.

Application Concept - Communicating design
Ideas to others Form/shape - Use variations of design to obtain feedback on aesthetics/ergonomics
Functionality - Use rapid prototyping for assembly or fitment testing Tooling - Dies for injection moulding, casting patterns for lost mould/investment casting processes Rapid tooling - Silicone rubber moulding

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CAD CAM Designing Services

Product Designing makes use of cad modeling to determine the aesthetics,usability, marketability and molding capability of the product .Our team of expert designers create and execute design solutions towards problems of engineering, marketing, brand development and sales. A well-done 3D model is an invaluable tool for communicating the value of your product with investors. Manufacturing and design features are very important in designing a good product.

  • 3D solid modeling design - a complete product designing package.
  • 2D detailed drawings, plots, pictorial plots and technical illustrations - for instruction manuals and sales literature.
  • NEW conceptual drawings - starting from scratch, customer sketches, or other materials
  • Fully detailed parts and assembly drawings - suitable for quoting, costing, product promotion, and production of required manufacturing tooling.
  • Reverse engineering design services - we can transform your existing 2D parts and assemblies into fully 3D solid CAD models.

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Plastic Mold Flow Analysis Services

Our Plastic Mold Flow Analysis Services is structured to reduce design and production errors through in-depth CAE mold flow analysis which gives important data to guarantee consistent product specifications, long lasting molds & tooling, and the highest possible product quality.

Offered mold flow services are highly beneficial in evaluating various aspects of part design and molding process, such as material selection and war-page concerns.

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3D Laser Scanning Services

With our rich industrial experience, we hold expertise in offering 3D Laser Scanning Service. It is more accurate and precise. Moreover, these services are done under the guidance and observance of the experienced professionals of the industry. All these services are offered according to the needs and specifications of the esteemed clients.

Type of Technology

Type of Service Provider
Designing Firm

Type of Service Contract
Project Based

Other Details
  • Use of sophisticated technology
  • Executed by professionals
  • Quick and prompt service

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