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StereoScan neo Scanner

The fringe projection technique for the purpose of threedimensional surface acquisition is a well established procedure both in industrial and non-industrial applications. Using this contact-free optical scanning technology, even complex surface structures are captured swiftly and at a high level of accuracy. Owing to its exceptional mechanical and thermal stability, AICON’s high-end StereoScan series can be employed in a multifaceted array of applications. Given their extremely sturdy design, the two-camera systems are renowned for extraordinary ruggedness and precision. Thanks to the exceptional stability of the CFRP double structure, the highest requirements in inspection and reverse engineering are met both in the measuring room as well as under production conditions.

The StereoScan neo is the result of consistent further development of the classic high-end StereoScan system series. Previously, the performance capability of the fringe projection was highly dependent on the surface properties of the scanning object. The color and reflection properties of the object surface had a significant effect on the quality of the measurement results. This is where the digital adaptive full color projection technique of the StereoScan neo provides the necessary rectification by using color and intensity control to optimally adjust to the given surface properties.

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